Company Profile

Our Store

Nilufar Pet & Aquatic Centre is one of the largest aquatic and pet megastore in the Klang Valley; a one-stop pet and aquarium Centre providing everything an animal lover would need and want for their precious pet. You’ll find essential products that are of the highest quality, and a range of unrivaled services for you and your beloved pet.

We are, first and foremost, pet specialists aiming to provide you with a range of top brands, leading suppliers of accessories and tools, and the highest expertise from all over the world in caring for your pet. Brands long associated with high quality and professionalism such as Tetra, JBL, Pronature Holistic, 1st Choice, Royal Canin, Proplan, NutriVet, Seargent, The Company of Animals and so on are all readily available at our store.  From dogs to cats; and reptiles to rodents, you can be assured that our well-tended pets are of the highest quality and pedigree.

Nilufar is also one of the leading suppliers of aquatic life, with more than 200 types of beautiful and exotic ornamental fishes. Because quality is the driving force in our service, we offer customers the best possible tank filtration system based on Europe’s advanced filtration technology. This state-of-the-art system supplies 100% oxygen necessary for maintaining the optimum health and beauty of your fish.

Our friendly and informative pet specialists are perpetually on-hand to serve you at our centre, providing both information and advice on a range of issues, from choosing the best pet food to tips on how best to ensure your pet remains healthy and happy.

Our History

Nilufar traces its roots back to France, where we have had more than 30 years’ experience in the pet and aquatic industry. We believe that caring for your pet and loving nature should be easy and relaxing. As we realize the importance of the human-animal bond, we aim to not only provide the best in animal care, but also to promote awareness of respect for animals and our environment. Our people, products, philosophy and practices all speak for our love towards nature.

Our Vision 

To be the world’s top supplier of pet and aquatic animals and products

Our Mission

To inspire people to care for and protect their animals & aquatic pets