Overnight Stay Service

Our boarding service is not only limited to dogs, but also cats, rabbits, hamsters and ferrets. We have pet specialists for each department satisfying the needs of each animal and breed. Daily meals and fresh water will be assured for your pets. For them to feel more at home, our guests are more than welcome to bring along a few of their favorite things including food, treats, toys, bed or pillow. Personal contact with humans will also ensure that your pet will adapt easier while you are gone and will provide comfort if they feel sad when you depart.

We also provide:

For dogs: Upon request, we would bring your dog out for a walk daily. Regular exercise is promoted and closely supervised by our dog specialist.

For cats: Cat toilet will be provided at their homes, and our pet specialists will play with them with teasers to keep them company.

For small animals: Beddings will be renewed every few days to ensure the cleanliness of their homes, and to protect their sensitive skin.


Exclusive at Atria Shoppping Gallery, Damansara Jaya

Call 013 - 721 6268