1.Your reservation must be in advance 7 days to avoid disappointment during peak season.

2. Our pet Guest may bring items from home such as Food, treat, toys or medication (if necessary)

3. The pet hotel services do not include the following services:
  a. Grooming/Bath(except promotion package)
  b. Treatment charges from veterinarian(if needed)

4. Any pets under boarding must be fully vaccinated and must be in good health condition

5. Check in times at NILUFAR 5 star hotel starts from 11.30am until 8.30pm.

6. Check out time before 2pm, after the hour consider as day care charge

7. Nilufar Pet & Aquatic reserve the right to adjust the price mention above without prior notice.

8. Available at NILUFAR PET & AQUATIC , Atria Shopping Gallery Only

9. NILUFAR shall not be held for any injury, illness or mortality of pets during day care or boarding duration.

10. In case of any emergency, the owner is to be informed if your pet needs to be sent to the nearest veterinary clinic. All medical fees will be bear by the owner himself.

11. If the owner has to authorize another person to collect their pet, he/she needs to complete an agreement form at the counter when checking in           his/her pet.

Selected date for peak season:

Chinese New Year: Chinese New Year Eve and the following 3 days

Hari Raya Puasa: Hari Raya Puasa Eve and the following 2 days

Christmas: Christmas Eve and the following 2 days

*Price for the following peak season will have additional charge